“SSG group” is a law firm which consolidates the leading Russian lawyers, who own significant practical experience in the sphere of global national law companies and have many years of successful practice.

The main office of the firm is located in the center of Moscow. There are also representative offices of the company, one of which is located in Sevastopol, and the second in Krasnodar.

The employees use the most modern technologies and methods during their workflow.

The company specializes in providing the full range of legal assistance to Russian and foreign business in the judiciary of Russian Federation, in representing and protecting interests in the relationships with public authorities, carries out legal support activities.

The key aspects of the companies` practice are:

  • commercial practice (debt recovery, commercial disputes, investment projects, etc.);
  • corporate practice (corporate litigation, mergers and acquisitions);
  • customs and antimonopoly regulation;
  • natural resources, land, real estate and construction;
  • intellectual property;
  • administrative and criminal law protection.

The firms` specialists are constantly involved by the Russian public authorities, Russian and foreign public organizations as consultants on various aspects of law.

During the workflow we have managed to accumulate a wide range of practical knowledge. In separate cases we have developed unique solutions to different kinds of issues, arising in the implementation of the firms` activities. The solutions were developed on the basis of systematical analysis of the clients` interests, current legislation and wide court practice.

It should be noted that due to being a company which provides the full range of legal services, we own a significant experience in realizing debt restructuring, reorganization of business entities projects, in creating the joint venture and developing agreements between the investors, in legal support of mergers and acquisitions, in conducting preliminary legal examination of projects (while investing) and in supporting other kinds of deals and projects.

Our current clients are:

During the long-lasting practice in the services market, “SSG group” specialists have placed a priority on the interests of the client. We do not promise our clients and partners the impossible, we objectively appreciate the situation, resolve the issues using strictly legal methods. The observance of these principles allows us to fulfill our commitments.

We work closely with our permanent partners: leading Russian consulting companies, expert organizations, insurance and accounting firms. Strong partnerships allow us to solve almost any problems which are posed to us by our clients.

We appreciate the trust of our clients and so, we strictly comply with the requirements to the financial, commercial and attorney secret. All information, which is provided by our clients, is confidential, and only a limited number of employees have an access to it. The each cooperation is issued by the documents.

The highest value of our company is our clients. That is why we intent to offer exceptionally high-quality legal service. All of the methods, which are used by our specialists, meet the requirements of the Russian legislation and the norms of professional ethics.

The key condition of success and rapid development of “SSG group” is our specialists. Each of the employees is a professional, who is extremely serious about the reputation of the company. Moreover, we believe the specialization to be the key to success in our work with the clients. We attentively monitor the level of the employees` qualification, regularly organize various activities in order to improve their skills, retraining and summarizing the experience.

During the last three years we had been providing legal service to 26 companies. The lawyers had carried out 158 legal cases. The total economic impact for our clients, achieved by our experts on the review of these cases, can be estimated as tens of millions of rubles.

In our work we base on the deep knowledge of law and rich practical experience. In addition, the main principles of our work are: competence, honesty, priority of client’s interests and respect to the rule of law. That is why our slogan is: “Promise doable, deliver on our promises”.

We try to do everything we can to meet the international standards of legal services and to justify the clients` trust.


Russia, Moscow, Melnitskiy pereulok, 1
+7 (495) 800-60-06 | 773-65-04

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